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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences (BSIS) program is a two-track completion program which will prepare highly competent imaging practitioners for professional careers in a dynamic health care environment. It provides the educational foundation for registered radiographers to expand their career opportunities while providing the community with quality health care practitioners in the imaging sciences. The BSIS program allows for registered radiographers to receive academic credit for their previous radiography education and experience. At the professional level, the baccalaureate degree in imaging sciences will integrate liberal and imaging education to foster critical thinking, human diversity, written and oral communication, and leadership in a collaborative and interdisciplinary mode.

All students must complete 35 credit hours of the state mandated general education core plus nine (9) additional general education credit hours as stipulated by UAFS for a baccalaureate degree. Registered radiographers (RT) will receive credit for their previous radiography education (up to 30 credit hours). Based on the American Society of Radiologic Technologist (ASRT), the UAFS BSIS completion program assumes that all JRCERT accredited radiography programs share a common body of knowledge and competencies. RT’s would be able to complete their baccalaureate degree in DMS with 46 additional credit hours in imaging sciences.

The UAFS Diagnostic Medical Sonography general and vascular programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the JRC-DMS.


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Mission StatementDiagnostic Medical Sonography

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at UAFS was established to serve the needs of the population and health care industry in the community and surrounding area. The program is committed to providing a high quality education, through didactic courses and clinical experiences, in diagnostic medical sonography in order to produce competent and registry eligible students with the potential for advancement and leadership whether the emphasis is education, management, or practice.

Program Learning Outcomes

UAFS BSIS graduates will be able to:

  1. Employ basic patient care, professional judgment and communication and adhere to the professional codes of conduct.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of human gross and sectional anatomy, and pathophysiology relevant to the role of the diagnostic medical sonographer.
  3. Perform sonographic examinations using technical knowledge and clinical skills.
  4. Pass the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers examination.
  5. Perform as competent entry-level general sonographers in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domain.


Student /Graduate Achievement

  • Attrition: This percentage is calculated by dividing the number of students who did not complete the program by the number of students who started the program.
  • Job Placement Rate: This percentage is calculated based on the number of graduates who are actively seeking employment and are employed within six months of graduation.
  • Credential Success Rates: This percentage is calculated based on the number of students who are first-time examinees and take the exam within one year of graduation and earn either abdomen or OB/GYN credential.




Job Placement

Credential Success Rates


14% (6/7) 100% (6/6)

SPI – 100% (5/6)

ABD – 83% (5/5)

OB/GYN – 100% (5/5)

VASC – 83% (5/6)


0% (0/9) 100% (9/9)

SPI – 100% (9/9)

ABD – 100% (9/9)

OB/GYN – 67% (6/9)

VASC – 89% (8/9)


22% (2/9)

100% (7/7)

SPI – 100% (7/7)

ABD – 100% (7/7)

OB/GYN – 86% (6/7)

VASC – 86% (6/7)


0% (0/6)

100% (6/6)

SPI – 100% (6/6)

ABD – 100% (6/6)

OB/GYN – 100% (6/6)

VASC – 100% (6/6)


25% (2/8)

100% (6/6)

SPI – 100% (6/6)

ABD – 100% (6/6)

OB/GYN – 100% (6/6)

VASC – 83% (5/6)

2015 12.5% (1/8) 100% (7/7)

SPI – 100% (7/7)

ABD – 100% (7/7)

OB/GYN – 100% (7/7)


SPI – Sonography Principles and Instrumentation

ABD - Abdomen

OB/GYN - Obstetrics and Gynecology

VASC- Vascular




Contact Information

Jodi Callahan, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director at 479-788-7374,
Fax 479-424-6374, or e-mail