Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online)


Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online Program) degree develops the core competencies necessary for leaders to deal specifically with the U.S healthcare marketplace. Healthcare administrators have the opportunity to make aMost affordable image significant contribution to improving the health of the citizens in the communities they serve through planning, directing, and coordinating various aspects of health services, as well as shaping healthcare policy. Responsibilities include developing a strategic vision, information management, marketing, intrapersonal relationships, facility compliance, human resource management, business and financial management, as well as relations with other organizations.


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This online program is designed to prepare healthcare professionals to successfully manage and lead healthcare organizations. Courses provide information related to the healthcare system and the environment in which healthcare managers and providers function; general healthcare management and business principles, including systems thinking; professionalism, ethical behavior and emotional intelligence; communication and relationship management skills; and leadership skills and behavior. Our mission is to provide working professionals, practitioners, and those wanting to advance their careers in healthcare management with the knowledge and skills necessary to be competent, ethical, and innovative leaders who can successfully manage and lead their healthcare organizations and communities.




Employment Opportunities

Employment in medical and health services managers are in demand and are expected to grow. Employment opportunities are available in hospitals, assisted living centers, community and home health clinics, primary care, mental healthcare providers, physician's clinics, and pediatric centers.

Program Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online Program), graduates will have enhanced their knowledge and skills in:


Leadership by demonstrating transformational leadership that inspires individual, team, and organizational excellence.


Communication and Relationships by demonstrating clear and concise communicate skills, establish and maintain relationships, and facilitate constructive interactions with individuals and groups.


Professionalism and Ethics by practicing professionalism and ethical behavior through personal and professional accountability, employ a service orientation, and display a commitment to lifelong learning and improvement.


Healthcare Systems and Environment by demonstrating an in-depth understanding of healthcare systems and the environment in which healthcare managers and providers operate.


Healthcare Management and Business by utilizing business principles, including systems thinking, in the healthcare environment.



The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online Program) was approved by the Higher Learning Commission in July 2015 and as a result classes started in fall 2015. UAFS will seek accreditation for the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (Online Program) from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

Program Course Requirements

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